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Hungerford Wharf used to be an industrial canal wharf, but is now a peaceful and beautiful place to start exploring the surrounding areas from self catering hungerford and the Kennet and Avon Canal. There are several different boat trips available if you don’t have your own water transport. You could try Kennet Cruises or the Kennet Horse Boat Company, or the Rose of Hungerford. If you prefer to drive your own canal boat at self catering hungerford then try the Bruce Trust for your holiday plans. Of course you can also explore the canals with different methods; cycling, fishing, walking and canoeing are all very popular pursuits while staying at a self catering hungerford accommodation. The walk along the canal is nice and flat, and the canal patch is reached under the town bridge near the Blue Cross. If you’re arriving by car you can park in the town; there is a pay and displaly or parking along the roads in self catering hungerford as well. The visit at the Canal will probably take three or four hours although of course you can spend as long or as short of a time as you like.

When you need a break from sightseeing self catering hungerford you could stop at the Tutti Pole which is a lovely restaurant and tea shop. There is also a local pub, the John O’Gaunt, or the Three Swans Restaurant which is also a cafe and has a bar for self catering hungerford. There are no public toilets at the canal but customers of the pub or restaurants can use the facilities there. Of course you can also provide your own refreshments and stop for a picnic alongside the canal; there are picnic benches available along the shores. During your explorations, however you choose to sightsee, keep a lookout for local wildlife. Along the canal you might see kingfishers, moorhens, mallard tufted ducks, self catering hungerford, little grebe, mute swants, coots, or even water voles. Plantlife includes weeping willows and lush green water meadows, and of course keep a look out for beautiful canal bridges and sparkling streams.

Alongside the canal you will see Wharfside buildings as well as the St Lawrence Church. This Parish church was built around 1815 and is built on the same site of two earlier self catering hungerford parish churches.

The canal towpath takes you through the town and provides a beautiful walking route through the surrounding countryside as well. There are several routes to walk in and around hungerford, not only along the canals near self catering hungerford, varying in length from only a couple of miles to nearly twenty miles. The longest is the Lambourn Valley Way, which is nineteen and a half miles long, but is split into six different sections. It runs from the Berkshire Downs to Newbury. The route follows self catering hungerford public rights of way most of the way along it, but there are a few sections which use permitted paths. The whole route is well signposted, and is generally easy going, and if you walk the whole length of the route, it takes you through Larmbourn, East Garston, Great Shefford, Boxford, Bagnor, by Donnington Castle and back to the Kennet and Avon Canal. The Lambourn Valley Way is actually a link between two long distance routes; the full route would be one hundred and forty miles, from West Kennet Long Barrow to London along the Ridgeway, then linked to the Lambourn Valley Way, then following on the Kennet and Avon Canal Towpath that we’ve already mentioned and finally to the Thames self catering hungerford Path.
self catering hungerford